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HFG was formed in 2008 to create original multi-platform games – iPhone, online, handheld, etc.

The “head fake” is that while our games are fun, entertaining and engaging…… your mind will be stretching, building and firing synapses,  without even knowing it!


KeyMABA delivers on the premise of Head Fake Games by using every day words to engage players age 10 and up. 
The concept of KeyMABA came from Robert F. Aaron.  Known for his expertise in green-lighting some of the most popular TV game shows ever – most notably, “JEOPARDY” – Aaron envisioned a game which could make playing with words fun.  His love for words helped him think beyond games about letters to games about words. Many people like this game for the same reasons we do…. They love words but not simply spelling them.
KeyMABA is all about words and it is amazing to see how many different associations can be made from one word. Each new clue word adds to the bounty of associations, and that’s when the game gets interesting…. Take the clue word: GIN; 10 year olds think about the cotton gin that they just learned about in history, adults might think of the card game gin rummy and others are ready for a gin and tonic! But which word (cotton, rummy, or tonic) fits with the other clues and will lead you to the answer?? The more you play the more fun you’ll have!
It is simple yet stimulating fun. And we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!   

Play it and pass it on to others…. Challenge your friends and family, old or young!